Advantages and Disadvantages
of Dog Harnesses

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There are harnesses for all types of pets, but it is more commonly used for dogs. Harnesses actually distribute pressure over a greater area of the body than the traditional collar.

It consists of a special type of strap, which is called “girth”, that goes all the way around the dog’s chest and behind the front legs. This provides ample support for the dog and it is very reliable.

Although many pet owners currently use and prefer harnesses, there are many that have have not yet used a harness or may be thinking about it.

In this article we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of dog harnesses. Whether you buy a harness or not all depends on your preferences as a pet parent and owner.

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Advantages of Dog Harness

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  • One of the main advantages of using a harness for your dog is that it prevents different types of injuries especially if your dog has a tendency to pull on the leash. Using a harness for your dog mitigates the chances of injuries to your dog’s neck and throat area.
  • One of the biggest advantages of using a harness is that it gives you the best control over your dog. Many breeds of the dogs are extremely aggressive and some are overly active, which makes the harness the perfect match for your dog. Basically it allows you to always keep your dog in control by the way it is designed and attached to the pet.
  • Another advantage of using a harness is that it also prevents your dog from acquiring different types of skin irritations which can occur in dogs with certain traditional collars. This can prevent those irritations from becoming infections later.



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  • It is not suitable for all types of dogs, as some dogs feel very uncomfortable in it and may never get used to wearing it. Some dogs can never get over the feeling of being or thinking they are trapped in something.
  • Before buying a suitable harness it is important to first train your dog with it so that your dog would be feel comfortable. However, that training isn’t easy and most people choose do not have the additional time for it.



So now it is totally up to you and the knowledge of your pet if a harness is right for you. Most people out there prefer using a harness for their dog as it provides a numerous amount of advantages.

However, there are many pet owners that prefer not to use a harness because they know it may require additional training and the pet has to get used to it over time.

As you can see the advantages clearly outnumber the disadvantages, but again it is totally up to you and your pooch.

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