Best Gentle Leader Harnesses Review 2020

If you are searching for the best gentle leader harnesses then you must check out this review . In this review,I try to explain everything you need to know before picking a gentle leader or halter for your beloved dogs. If you own a pet dog and when you go for a walk you feel that it’s you who’s being walked, it’s high time you started looking for harnesses and read some gentle leader harness reviews.

Some breeds of dogs are naturally huge and it’s understandable that many dog owners find it difficult to control their pet’s movements. The constant pulling on the leash will tire you gradually and in a few days, you won’t be bothered to go for a walk with the dog. Considering this, it is important to start looking for a gentle leader dog harness, a tool that has greatly helped thousands of dog owners to control their dog’s movements and have a pleasant walk in the park.

Selecting the best dog halter

There are a range of harnesses available in the market, and it’s important you understand the differences and the points that set them apart. Previously, dog owners used choke collars and put them around their dog’s neck to help them control their pet; this only worked for a brief period. Not only did these collars apply pressure on the dog’s neck but also cause a lot of pain and harm to the trachea.

This way, when a dog pulls on the leash wearing a usual choke collar, it possible that it’s going to end up hurting itself. Hence, if you agree that your dog’s a puller, read the following gentle leader dog harness reviews. The reviews give you an overview about each product, why it’s important, the unique features it has to offer and its pros and cons.


Why It’s Important to Use Gentle Leader Dog Harness?

The main purpose of a gentle leader dog harness is to give the owner control over his dog’s movements when they’re out walking in the park. What’s great about these types of harnesses is that whenever your dog feels like going alone and leaving its owner behind, the leash attached to the harness does all the work; it automatically forces the dog to turn around and come back to the owner’s side.

As time progresses with several walks throughout the week, the dog will eventually realize that it must stay close to its owner, preferably on his side at all times. Your dog will be unconsciously trained which is basically the whole point of a gentle leader dog harness.

The head collar of the gentle leader comes over your dog’s nose; the nose loop further directs the dog’s head towards you that allows it to give you its full attention. When it comes to gentle leader reviews, it’s essential to let you know why it’s so important.

The gentle leader not only helps you reduce the effect of pulling on the leash of a dog, but it also helps in countering the dog’s habit of unnecessarily barking, jumping around and lunging pointlessly. The harness allows dog owners to easily train their pets to heel and also provides the owner immediate and full control over the dog.

The collar of the harness is designed in a way that it rests above the dog’s neck, reducing the pressure on the throat. Moreover, gentle leader harnesses usually come with soft and comfortable padded nose loops that boost the dog’s experience of walking around wearing a harness.

Features to Consider When Buying a Gentle Leader Dog Harness

Gentle leader dog harnesses are different from the Easy Walk harnesses. Although there are some features both types posses, there are certain noticeable features one has which the other doesn’t.

Some points that sets the gentle leader harness apart are

  • Not only do they discourage pulling, they also help counter the dog’s lunging, jumping and barking habits
  • These harnesses can be used for range of breed of dogs as little as six weeks of age
  • The harness relieves pressure off the trachea, which results in safety from the chances of choking, gagging and coughing
  • The gentle leader is very comfortable for everyday walks, and is popular among professional trainers


Here Are the Top 5 Gentle Leader Dog Harness Reviews, As Promised


PetSafe Gentle Leader Head collar, No-Pull Dog Collar

gentle leader reviews

This is one of the most popular products by the company, PetSafe. It was designed by a veterinary behaviorist almost 30 years ago to counter the pulling habit of the dog. The harness is convenient to set up; the nose loop and the neck strap can be adjusted within a few minutes, and seconds when you get used to it.

gentle leader dog harness

The harness come with soft padding on the nose loop which adds extra comfort for the dog. The pressure shifts from the throat area to the back, reducing the risks of choking, coughing or damaging the trachea.Moreover, the company offers free 1-year replacement warranty in case the dog decides to chew the harness like a chew toy.


  • Stops leash pulling; something that dogs of all breeds like to do; this certainly wears out the dog owners giving a walk and eventually suck the fun out of the dog itself as well.
  •  It can control unwanted or sudden behavior issues like aggression and anxiety.
  • The harnesses are fully adjustable and can be fit over the dog according to the built.
  • Very easy for the dogs to get used to it.


  • The harness may wear out quickly, the material may be of lower quality than the company’s usual products
  • Straps are narrow which may not let you get the grip on the dog you’re looking for

It is suggested that you should check out the official size chart posted by the company on their website. Although each size can be adjusted, it is important you find the right size which helps in providing your dog with the most comfort.





Halti Head Collar to Stop Pulling for Small Dogs

best gentle leader reviews

The dog harness by Halti is considered to be one of the top contenders when it comes to gentle leader dog harnesses. The harness helps in training the dog to quit pulling the leash so often which is why many pet owners and professional trainers recommend it. The harness is waterproof, comes with nose padding that helps in comfort and has a safety link that boosts security.

gentle leader reviews

It also comes in a range of sizes, and each size is further adjustable. This helps in getting the perfect fit for your dog’s body. The unique design does not interfere with the dog’s necessary chores like eating, drinking or chewing.


  • Neoprene soft padding on the nose loop that provides the dog extra comfort
  • Adjustable straps that can be set according to the dog’s figure
  • Harness is comfortable that it allows the dog to eat, drink and chew
  • The harness is more secure than usual thanks to an extra clip that attaches to the collar
    Counters excessive pulling by the dog


  • The straps are relatively easy to tear
  • The dog takes time to adjust, it may take up to several weeks

It is suggested that you should check out the official size chart posted by the company on their website. Although each size can be adjusted, it is important you find the right size which helps in providing your dog with the most comfort.





GoodBoy Dog Head Halter with Safety Strap

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The primary purpose of the GoodBoy Dog Head Halter is that it prevents the dog from excessively pulling on the leash. This allows you to get in control of your walks in the park and make them as comfortable as possible. The gentle leader dog harness comes over the dog’s head and across the nose, much like the halter you may have seen on a horse. The gentle leader is known to prevent risks such as choking and any other harm to the trachea.

gentle leader dog harness

This harness also comes with soft padding made of neoprene, something that provides your dog with extra comfort during long walks. The head halter also comes with a safety feature; what you need to do is attach that strap to the dog’s collar at the back which will prevent dangling.


  • Straps are made of nylon that is durable and long lasting
  • Stitching is of top quality; adding reflective stitching is added to provide extra safety to the dogs
  • The straps are easily adjustable; they can be loosened or tightened according to the body of your dog
  • Comes with a one-year warranty



  • The nose strap may keep moving instead of staying in one place
  • Many dogs can figure out how to get rid of the gentle leader produced by GoodBoy



It is suggested that you should check out the official size chart posted by the company on their website. Although each size can be adjusted, it is important you find the right size which helps in providing your dog with the most comfort.





Perfect Pace Leather Halter

gentle leader dog harness

This gentle leader by Perfect Pace is leather made and is primarily designed in a simple way to let dog owners have a comfortable time walking their dogs. This no-pulling tool is an effective way to completely get rid of your dog’s improper behavior. The gentle leader dog harness is designed in a way that allows you to attach your leash at the back of the dog’s head which gives you total control over the dog’s movements.

The product is comfortable, lightweight and focuses on keeping the dog calm at all times. You can adjust the sizes according to your dog’s body and you certainly don’t have to worry about the pressure being exerted on the dog’s neck, because there is none.


  • Comfortable and effective
  • Easy and convenient to set up
  • Encourages the dog to be attentive towards the owner and show calmness
  • Easily adjustable and can go with any type of leash
  • Does not burden or pressurize the dog’s throat area


  • The sizes may vary so it is recommended to measure your dog properly
  • Dog can easily chew and ruin the product

It is suggested that you should check out the official size chart posted by the company on their website. Although each size can be adjusted, it is important you find the right size which helps in providing your dog with the most comfort.





Barkless Dog Head Collar

gentle leader dog harness

This product by Barkless is one of the best-sellers by the company. The head halter goes over your pet’s head and mouth with reduces the chances of biting or pulling constantly. The harness is designed in such a way that it does not come in contact with the dog’s neck; as a result, this removes any worries of pressurizing the dog’s neck and causing it pain.

gentle leader dog harness

The straps of the product are made of nylon to give a comfortable feel; its also easily adjustable. The straps that go over the mouth ensure that the dog can easily drink or pant. What’s unique about this product is that it comes with a lifetime warranty, something which other brands failed to provide.



  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to use and convenient to set up
  • Dogs get used to it in no time
  • Soft, comfortable and very flexible




  • Size chart may be misleading and may result in a smaller size than you expected
  • The neck and the nose strap seem like a mismatch.



It is suggested that you should check out the official size chart posted by the company on their website. Although each size can be adjusted, it is important you find the right size which helps in providing your dog with the most comfort.



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Why is the gentle leader a successful tool for dogs who pull?

Gentle leader dog harnesses are designed in a way that prevents pulling. They cover the dog’s head and across its front legs. This way you can attach a leash to the collar and control dog’s movements.

Can a gentle leader hurt a dog?

No, the harnesses are designed to prevent any pain that can be caused to the dog’s neck or any other body part. Some come with nose padding to give extra comfort.


What are gentle leaders for?

They are primarily used as a no-pulling solution and a no-biting solution.

Does a gentle leader prevent biting?

Some come with mouth straps. They prevent biting but at the same time, allow the dogs to easily pant or drink.



if you constantly experience pulling and biting from your dog – of any breed – it is important that you go for gentle leader dog harnesses. Their main purpose is to give the owner control of the dog’s habits, be it jumping, lunging or pulling on the leash constantly. Most come with extra padding that provides comfort and almost every product is easily adjustable and convenient to set up. What other features do you need?



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