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Easy walk dog harness for dog

If your dog’s a puller, excited all the time and reacts to the slightest of things, it’s only logical that you’ve thought about getting an easy walk dog harness, something that helps you counter the dog’s pulling without applying too much pressure on it.

If you think your dog doesn’t understand who’s in charge of the walk, you’re not the only one with the thought. With all the constant pulling on the leash, this is where easy walk dog harnesses come in.

Although traditional choke collars are effective, you must feel both guilty and sorry for the dog to have been through all the pain. Pulling on the leashes of your dog is certainly not a pleasant experience for both you and the dog itself.

This is why you should look towards easy walk dog harnesses. They are great if you want to teach your pet a walking lesson. Every time the dog starts to pull or tries to move distant, it will automatically feel a slight pull. This will constantly remind the dog that it needs to stay close to the owner.

It’s high time you started making your daily walks to the park and the time you spent training your pet highly productive, and this is one way to do that effectively.


Why Easy Walk Harness?

Ordinary dog collars put a lot of pressure on the dog’s throat as it strides forward in excitement. This pressure increases abruptly when you pull on the leash and yank it towards yourself to get your dog under control. Regardless of your dog’s breed and its size, this pulling and the pressure it exerts on the dog’s neck can be harmful and painful at the same time.

easy walking harness for dogs
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Dogs also start to relate your actions to their own as you spend time together. When your dog sees another dog and decides to run towards, you will obviously pull on the leash. Repeating such actions will lead to the dog associating unpleasant experiences whenever it comes across other dogs.

This is why an easy walk dog harness is the thing you need; it ensures a more peaceful and pleasant experience for both you and the pet.


What Is Easy Walk Dog Harness?

easy walk harness

These types of dog harnesses are specifically designed to help improve your walking experience. Easy walk dog harnesses make sure that when there’s a pulling battle between you and your dog, you come out as the victor. The new and more improved version of such harnesses is designed in a way that the straps cross above the dog’s shoulders and can either be snapped at the front or the rear. You will also have the option to attach your leash at either side.

Once you start walking, the leash and the dog harness will ensure that the dog constantly walks by your side while moving forward. In case your pet does start pulling (perhaps when he sees a cat pass by), the leash will automatically slide off and move to the side of the easy walk dog harness, which forces the dog to come back to you. Not only does this allow the walker to gain control of their dog’s unpredictable movements but it also makes sure the dog does not feel pressure around its neck.


The Leash

Moreover, while you choose the harness for your dog, it is important to get the right leash as well. They come in a range of sizes, materials, and thickness that all have different purposes. What you should look out for is that the leash feels comfortable when you go for a walk; you must have a firm grip of the leash.

You should also make sure to look after your leash, as you would the easy walk harnesses. Keep the leashes clean and free from loose materials like litter bags. Carry a separate bag or a pouch that you could keep the litter bags in because when your dog starts pulling, you don’t want anything getting in your way to getting it back under control.

It is recommended that your leash does not exceed a length of five feet. If you intend to train your pet and he’s on a leash eight feet in length, it will certainly not get close to you until you go back home.


Features of Easy Walk Harness


Easy walk dog harness

  • These dog harnesses come with a back ring as well as the option for front clipping. Front-clip harnesses are those that attach the leash at the front instead of the dog’s rear which helps greatly in minimizing the effect of pulling. Some experts even claim you have the ability to either increase or decrease the level of control you need.
  • Such dog harnesses also come with thicker and wider straps. These straps allow and ensure proper and even distribution of pressure around the dog’s neck. In contrast to these kinds of straps, thinner and loose straps are highly likely to chafe when it comes into contact against the dog’s skin or fur.
  • Some easy walk dog harnesses come with cushioning. These are equipped with wider straps than ordinary harnesses and have both front and back clipping options. The wider cushioning design adds more comfort to the dog’s experience. This is especially for dogs with a little fur.

Pros of easy walk dog harness

  • Less pressure exerted on dog’s neck and throat
  • No Pulling dog harness 
  • Use as stop pulling
  • Comes with both front and back clipping options
  • Allows you to have greater control over your dog
  • Your dog gets trained to stay by your side

Cons easy walk dog harness

  • Difficult to set up for the first time
  • Takes a bit longer than usual to get used to the easy walk harness
  • Ordinary ones rub against the skin and may cause rashes


Easy walk dog harnesses have been designed specifically to make your walks more pleasant. An easier and more comfortable experience where no one goes back home tired. The harnesses are available in a range of sizes and colors, allowing you to choose from what you feel is best. Some come with cushion padding while others not; the important thing is that these harnesses make sure you want to walk your dog every day.

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