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Best Harness For Boxer dog & breed Information

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A breed which looks strong and fearless is the Boxer dogs. These dogs are known for their high energy and hard work. They can also be trained in a short period of time. If you are looking for a watchdog, then this might be a perfect choice. Boxer dogs have a rich heritage of aggressiveness and hunting. So when raised in a household for the purpose of security, it would blend well. But don’t worry about the affection part, these breeds love to be cuddled by their owners and are so affectionate towards their family.

Boxer dog breed info (from Wikipedia)

Life expectancy: 10 – 12 years
Temperament: Fearless, Intelligent, Energetic, Cheerful, Devoted, Loyal, Bright, Confident, Playful, Friendly, Brave, Calm
Weight: Female: 25–29 kg, Male: 27–32 kg
Height: Female: 53–60 cm, Male: 57–63 cm
Colors: Brindle, White, Fawn
Origin: Germany, Munich


This breed can be described as a not so small and not so big type. They are medium in size and has a tight and soft coat with or without markings on the skin. They come in 3 colors namely white, fawn and brindle. Usually, if you want to raise him in a house with other breeds, then things might get a little tense since Boxers get aggressive when dealt with other breeds of the same sex. They chase cats, so beware. He is worthy of being raised as a single pet. You will love him for his loyalty and the way it devotes itself to you.

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The major chances of health issues for this breed are cancer, heart problems, bloat, etc. Health issues are common in all pets and taking care in the best way possible matters. So if you find that your boxer dog is sick, then take him to a veterinarian and fix him.

They possess high energy level and their curiosity is to die for. You would have a great time if you take your pet outdoor. Box dogs do not get tired soon and are very intelligent and bright in nature. So if you are going to train him, then that wouldn’t take long. He is a fast learner.

If you are a type of dog owner, who would prefer a confident and strong breed, then go for Boxer dogs. These breeds are undoubtedly cheerful and would be brave enough to protect you too. So when you get to raise a Boxer dog, then you can enjoy both the extreme qualities of this adorable dog, like, he would play with you for hours and would not get tired, and he would protect your family as a brave and strong watchdog. So go ahead and get the best of both through this wonderful breed.

Best harness for boxer breed

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