PetSafe Easy Walk Harness Review & Buying Guide 2020

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness Review

Welcome to harnesshub .This article is perfect for PetSafe Easy Walk Harness lovers. If your dog’s a puller, excited all the time and reacts to the slightest of things,  it’s only logical that you’ve thought about getting an easy walk dog harness, something that helps you counter the dog’s pulling without applying too much pressure on it.

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness Review

Although traditional choke collars are effective, you must feel both guilty and sorry for the dog to have been through all the pain. Pulling on the leashes of your dog is certainly not a pleasant experience for both you and the dog itself. This is why you should look towards easy walk dog harnesses. They are great if you want to teach your pet a walking lesson. Every time the dog starts to pull or tries to move distant, it will automatically feel a slight pull. This will constantly remind the dog that it needs to stay close to the owner.

When it comes to dog harnesses or any other accessories needed for walking pets, PetSafe is known to be a global leader. Its products are known to have set a quality standard which not many rivals have been able to match.

Easy Walk Harness from PetSafe is a great product that helps you control your pet’s movements, without having to worry whether you’re choking it. This article gives you the product’s brief overview, its pros and cons, benefits, and how it impacts your pet’s behavior.

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness was a veterinary behaviorist’s idea who came up with this design more than 15 years ago. It comes in various sizes that are suitable for all kinds of dogs. To make sure you choose the right size, measure your dog’s chest and girth – the chest width would be one inch away from the front legs and across the breastbone while the girth is around the rib cage just behind both front legs. If you find your measurements to be in between two sizes, always go for the bigger size.

Why Trust PetSafe?

PetSafe is currently a global leader and has been in the market for at least 25 years. It is the largest American manufacturer of products designed for pet training and takes pride in having customers from as much as 52 countries across the globe. Its parent company is Radio Systems Corporation that is also a parent to a few more companies in the same industry. Their products are convenient, easy-to-use and act as safe solutions to some problems that pet owners usually encounter.

What makes PetSafe stand out from other companies is that is constantly invested both time and money on research and development. The employees and workers at PetSafe work hard to come with new, convenient and more innovative ideas to make the time you spend with your pets more pleasant.

Whether you’re looking to comfort your pet into a new home, or you need to spend some quality time training your dog, PetSafe has got everything pet owners to need. One way the company makes sure it can deliver the best services for its customers is that it prefers hiring people that have pets. This way, the company is able to bridge the gap of communication between itself and its customers which results in coming up with products that exactly cater to the needs of the people.

About the PetSafe Product

The high-quality strap material is easily adjustable as well; it has up to four well-spaced points of adjustments, fitting like a glove. Although it might take you some time to fit the harness onto your dog at first, you’ll realize it takes just a few minutes to fit the harness and a snap at the end to tighten it. The convenient and easy to set up dog harness has a front-clip that gives you extra control over your pet and makes you in charge.

The product is highly recommended by professional dog trainers and vets because the design discourages pulling. The easy walk dog harness wraps around firmly across your dog’s chest that gives you the opportunity to control your dog’s movements. Since it’s placed at the chest, the risk of the dog choking or having throat trouble is out of the question.

Not only does the harness ensure minimum risk to the dog’s throat problems, but it also makes sure the patented loop around the chest gives your pet a very comfortable fit that helps it stay relaxed and minimize the chances of the leash tangling in its feet. Moreover, PetSafe guarantees that their easy walk dog harness will perfectly fit any dog you may have –  from small, cute puppies to big, giant bulldogs.

The company is also currently providing damage replacements for a minimal fee if your dog decides to chew on the walking harness.

The dog harness comes in a variety of colors that include teal, black/silver, green/gray, brown, red and navy blue; you may choose what appeals you most. To make it a bit more convenient than other dog harnesses, these usually come in a color duo. The complementary color goes right below your pet’s belly so it’s easy for you to determine which part goes over the shoulders and what goes around the dog’s body.

Because of the easy walk harness’s convenience, your children can also have the chance to walk their dog every once in a while, without having to worry whether they’ll be able to take control. The harness stops the dog in his tracks well before it can gain some kind of momentum.

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Features of PetSafe easy walk harness:

  • Fits firmly around the dog’s torso, applying just the right amount of pressure
  • The straps are adjustable with four points which also help in keeping the pressure at bay; the gentle pressure helps remind the dog that they need to stay close to you
  • The easy walk dog harness comes in a variety of sizes ranging from petite and small to large and extra-large
  • For dogs that have issues when it comes to handling neck constrictions, this dog harness is the way to go
  • The leash gets easily attached to the front and at the belly which makes it very convenient for the owner to put it on and off very often

Pros PetSafe easy walk harness :

  • One-year damage replacement for those that have been chewed by their dogs
  • Guaranteed fit for all breeds of dogs
  • Perfect for bigger sized dogs like Bullmastiffs
  • Excessive tugging by the dog will not cause injury to it
  • Works very well to counter the pulling of muscular dogs
  • Can be used to train dogs to stay close to the owner
  • The harness does not cause chafing around the front legs

Cons PetSafe easy walk harness:

  • No padding being provided which causes discomfort to the dog
  • The size guide provides with general measurements; actual sizes may vary

Suggestions About the Product

Firstly, it is important to deduce whether you really need a harness. if your dog stays relaxed and does not get excited as some other dogs, perhaps you don’t need one. However, if you fell that it’s your dog that’s taking you on a walk, perhaps PetSafe’s easy walk dog harness is something you need.

Although the harness can fit all breeds of dogs of all sizes, it is still important that you pick the right size. Measure the dimensions accurately and match them with the size chart uploaded on the official website of the company. if your dog feels discomfort, it is highly possible that the size does not fit well, rather than the product itself as a whole.



  1. Which size should I buy?

Use the size chart on the company’s official website. Measure the said dimensions accurately and pick the size accordingly. If your measurements fall between two sizes, pick the larger one.

  1. Will dogs be able to run? We don’t want to “force” the dog to stay with us at all times.

The easy walk dog harness from PetSafe does not have anything to do with stopping the dog from running. The leash is attached to the harness in such a way that it stops the dog from pulling so often; the harness helps you gain control of the dog.



If you’ve got a pet dog, no matter which breed and whether it’s energetic or reactive, the easy walk dog harness by PetSafe is one of the best products you could choose to gain control over your pet. Convenient, adjustable sizes and very comfortable for the dog, what else are you looking for?