Pug Life Harness Reviews for puglifeharness/Joyride lovers 2020

Pug Life Harness Reviews 2020

If you are searching for a trusted and authentic reviews on pug life harness then this article must help you. In my Pug life harness reviews/Joyride Harness reviews article,I am going to explain everything you need to know about puglifeharness. When you go for a walk with your dog and you constantly have to deal with it pulling you along the way, you are bound to think about going for a harness. Harnesses can fit dogs perfectly and help you take control of your pet’s movements by attaching a leash.

For a very long time, people have been using choke collars to keep their dogs in line; although they have worked effectively, they cause pain and injury heavily onto the poor animal. When a dog pulls on the leash, you’re not the only one who feels uncomfortable; the dog isn’t having such a pleasant walk either.

This is primarily why pet owners like you should think about getting a no pulling dog harness. Harnesses work great if you want to teach your pet some manners. Whenever it thinks about pulling you or tries to run, it will feel a slight pull on the leash which will automatically force it to come back to you, the owner.

Speaking about accessories for dogs and other pets, Pug Life Harness – now more commonly known as Joyride harness – is known to be a leader in the concerned sector. Their products are known to be of top quality which has been rated very high by their loyal customers.

pug life harness reviews

pug life harness reviews


Pug Life Harness is a product from the brand that focuses on making your walk much more pleasant and fun. The harness comes with an innovative design that will make your walks in the park much simpler; you’ll be returning home fresh and energetic as opposed to being tired and out of breath.


When Did Pug Life Harness Change Their Name and Why?

Pug Life Harness changed its brand name to Joyride Harness on January 14, 2020. The company says that the name “Pug Life Harness” was great to begin their business with but as the company has grown and matured, it was important to switch names. However, the company has insisted that this would not affect production operations. The previous name caused misconceptions to many of the customers that these harnesses may only be for pugs; which was certainly not the case.

Pug Life Harness was meant to cater to the needs of people having any breed of dogs; be it Labradors, German Shepherds, Huskies, Bulldogs, etc. In addition to renaming the company, the people in charge are also releasing their products with new colors and designs to appeal to a broader customer base.


Why People Like Pug Life Harness?

People like Pug Life Harness because what they offer to their customers is something unique and different than all their competitors. Although the designs may seem very similar, the attention to detail during the manufacturing process is what helps the company set them apart. The company owners are reported to be pet owners themselves and truly understand what every individual must be going through. This helps them come up with new, innovative ideas that not only look appealing to the customers but also have great functionality.

What the company offers is peace of mind; once you buy a product, you’ll know it’ll help in you greatly as long as you keep good care of it. There will no worries whether or not the harness fits over your dog, whether it hurts it or not. The Pug Life Harness comes in a range of sizes that perfectly fits over all kinds of dog breeds.

The company also spends a decent amount on its research and development programs. This way, they encourage their employees to come up with much better ideas and designs currently in the market.


About the Pug Life Harness 

pug life harness reviews

The harness is designed in a way that it easily slips onto your dog; all you need to take care of is that the chest loop rests over your pet’s head. Snap-on the buckle on the side and you’re done. A hook and a loop on the front side helps in adjusting the size of the harness, making sure your dog feels comfortable with it while he’s in the park.

Like many pet owners, if you’ve got two dogs that don’t get along and you take them for a walk separately, one Pug Life Harness would be enough for you. The harness can be adjusted to the size of each one, helping you save costs in addition to improving your walking experience.


Why Should Dog Owners Pick Pug Life Harness?

The harness comes with a D-ring; which means that you can easily attach a leash to the collar and not have to worry too much when your dog sees a cat and goes out of control. Additionally, the latest version has got two side rings as well. While the D-ring in the center is designed to attach your leash to it and gain control of your dog’s movements, the rings on the side are there to help you when you decide to professionally train your dog.

Moreover, the harness comes with a handle on the side which is quite useful if you’re ever at an intersection crossing a road and you need to keep your pet close. The buckle, however, is just a regular one and highly convenient. The Pug Life Harness currently comes in six sizes ranging from XS to XXL. It is important that you pick the size very carefully; it’ll be a problem when you find out your dog has grown out of it within 2 months. So let’s see pug life harness reviews,


Features of pug life harness /Joyride harness 


pug life harness reviews

  1. Holds on tightly

One of the best points of these harnesses is that it fits so perfectly that it is said to be escape-proof. There are some dogs that always manage to find their ways out of a collar but when they’re wearing a harness, it’ll be practically impossible for them to get out of it. If you own a medium to large-sized dog, this harness is the one to go for.

  1. Convenient to set up

Not many dogs are used to wearing a harness, but with this Pug Life Dog Harness, all you need to do is adjust some straps and wrap it around its head. Snap the front clip and make other adjustments accordingly.

  1. Multiple sizes

The dog harness from Pug Life Harness comes with a range of sizes. This will certainly help you pick out the right, most appropriate option for your dog. It is recommended that you follow the sizing chart posted on the company’s official website. Measure the dimensions as accurately as possible so you don’t have to return the product and wait for the reorder to arrive.

  1. Reflective Strip

The product comes with reflective strip stickers on the collar of the harness. when going for walks during the night, your dog needs protection and security just as much as you do. With a reflective strip on the harness of your dog, whenever light hits the strip, it will glow and will illuminate and help you find it.


Pros of pug life harness /Joyride harness 

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  • Very easy to set up; only takes a few seconds to put it on the dog, with a few clicks you’re good to go
  • The harness comes with a loop and hook that goes across the chest which is very quick and easy to fasten
  • The reflective strip on the harness greatly helps owners when walking in the night
  • Works well if your dog likes to pull constantly
  • Can be used for all sizes of dogs of any breed
  • Helps you gain control over your dog’s movements with causing pain in its neck and throat
  • 24 hr support via Chat and mail


Cons pug life harness /Joyride harness 

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  • For smaller sized dogs, the buckle seemed relatively large and very closely located to the dog’s underarm
  • There is no fastener on the strap that rests across the chest
  • The side rings are generally of no use except if you’re planning on training your pet. It would be preferred if you could attach leashes on either side which could help during the walks


Suggestions for pug life harness reviews

It is highly essential to decide whether you actually need a harness or not. If your dog’s a relaxed animal, perhaps you don’t need one. On the other hand, if you feel like it’s you who’s being walked, Pug Life Harness is something you should get.


FAQs of  pug life harness reviews


  1. Which size should I buy?

Use the size chart on the company’s official website. Measure the said dimensions accurately and pick the size accordingly. If your measurements fall between two sizes, pick the larger one.


  1. Will dogs be able to run? We don’t want to “force” the dog to stay with us at all times.

The dog harness from Pug Life does not have anything to do with stopping the dog from running. The leash is attached to the harness in such a way that it stops the dog from pulling so often; the harness helps you gain control of the dog.


If you own a pet dog that likes to run and show its energy when you’re in the park for a walk, Pug Life Harness is something you should seriously consider buying. You gain control over your pet’s movements, it is easily put on and comes in a variety of sizes; what more do you expect? .If you like my pug life harness reviews then please share it with your friends. Stay with harnesshub. thank you.

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