Ruffwear Harness Review and Buying Guide 2020

Ruffwear Harness Review  2020

Welcome to harnesshub.If you are searching for Ruffwear harness review then you are in the right place. In this article, I am going to review ruffwear harness in detail with its features, pros, cons, etc. When it comes to walking your dog, not everyone has a pleasant experience. Some dog breeds are massive in size and it may be difficult to control their movements; the dogs constantly pull on the leash which does become exhausting. This is why you should consider opting for a harness, and this is why we have written a Ruffwear Harness review to help you out.

Ruffwear Harness Review

Traditionally, people choose to go for a simpler choke collar that they think helps them take control of their dogs. Although they might work for a brief time period, they put pressure on your pet’s neck which can be harmful for the trachea. While the dog pulls, it causes itself pain; while you don’t have such a pleasant time either. Therefore, dog owners, especially if their dog’s a puller, must read the Ruffwear Harness review. With a harness put around a dog, whenever it tries to pull you with the leash, it will automatically feel a resistance and will come back towards you.

Ruffwear Harness deals in all kinds of accessories for pets like dogs. They have been in the industry for quite a while now and have maintained their reputation by producing top quality products for their loyal customers.

Ruffwear Harness is a brand that wants to make your walk a lot more enjoyable than it already is. Their harnesses come with innovative designs that make your walks simpler and refreshing; you’ll be coming back home relaxed and energetic in contrast to the older days where you came back home annoyed with all the pulling.

Ruffwear Harness’s was to help owners of all breeds of dogs; be it Huskies, German Shepherds, Labradors, Bulldogs, Boxers, etc. As the company moves forward in achieving its ultimate goals, they constantly try to come up with new ideas and designs that will help improve their customers’ experience when they use their products.


Why People Like Ruffwear Harness?

People prefer Ruffwear Harness because the company offers products with a variety of designs and functions not usually found with their rivals. In addition to the unique designs of harnesses, it can be visibly seen that Ruffwear Harness pays attention to the smallest of details and that is what sets them apart. The company is owned by dog owners as well which is certainly an advantage. They know exactly what dog owners need and what they go through with their dog when on a walk. Their employees are hardworking professionals that brainstorm new ideas and that not only look appealing but also are very useful.

Ruffwear Harness Review

The company’s products are known to have a long lifespan; their products stay in great shape which gives you a piece of mind. When it comes to sizes, Ruffwear Harness has got your dog covered, no matter how small or big it is. Their products come in a variety of sizes, each of which can be either tightened or loosened according to the size of your pet.

Another thing that sets Ruffwear Harness apart is that it does not shy away from investing in its R&D department. This funding encourages its employees to constantly work hard and brainstorm ideas as to how to benefit the customers and expand their network.


About the Ruffwear Harnesses

The harnesses are designed in an elegant way that they easily slip onto your dog; all you have to make sure of is that the chest loop rests firmly over the dog’s head. The buckle must be snapped on from both sides and you’re good to go. The Ruffwear Harness goes over the head, clips from the sides with its fabric going through the front legs, and returning back to the top of the dog (or its back).

Ruffwear Harness Review

Moreover, if you’re an owner to more than one dogs that don’t like to go on a walk with each other, you can only buy one harness for both. With size adjustments made so easy on the Ruffwear Harnesses, you can put it on one dog at one time and then on the other one for the next walk.


Why Should Dog Owners Buy Ruffwear Harness?

The harnesses come with D-rings; this means you can attach a leash on to your dog while it’s wearing a harness and will stay in your control when it sees a cat he must run after. Also, the newer products are coming with rings on both sides of the harnesses as well. The center D-ring is to control your dog’s movements when it starts to pull while the rings on the sides can be helpful if you plan to train your dog sometime in the future.

Ruffwear Harness buy

It is certainly a challenge for pet owners to see how long it takes to break their Ruffwear Harnesses. The harnesses are made from a mixture of strong materials that make the products durable and the first choice for owners when they plan on going for an adventure. The harnesses are available in a range of sizes but it is important you pick the size you believe is perfect. For example, buying a large size and tightening it may not give your dog the comfort of medium size. So, now you can select the perfect one from my Ruffwear harness review for your beloved dogs .


Features of Ruffwear Harness


  1. Holds on tightly

What helps this company stand out is that the fitting is so perfect it is practically escape-proof. Some dogs keep trying and eventually find their way out of some harnesses but not this one. Whether you have a full sized bull dog or a small poodle puppy, these Ruffwear Harness is what you need.

  1. Convenient Setup

Not every dog is comfortable wearing a harness; they feel trapped and want to escape the nightmare as soon as they can. However, with Ruffwear Harness, all you have to make sure of is the adjustment of a few straps and make sure the soft paddings are in the right place. Snap the slips on the sides, and you’re ready for the walk.

  1. Multiple sizes

Ruffwear Harnesses come in a variety of sizes. With only very little difference between sizes, you will find it much easier to pick the right fit. To get a more precise idea of which size to get, follow the instructions on the company’s official website. They have a size chart you could refer to and tell you exactly how you need to measure you dog. Try to measure as accurately as possible so you don’t need to order exchange and wait for another two days.

  1. Reflective Strip

The products come with reflective strips on both sides of the collar of the harnesses. When you’re out walking during the night, the reflective strips help with the protection of your dog. With reflective strips on both sides, when light bounces off them, they will glow and the illumination will help you see in the dark.


Pros of Ruffwear Harness

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  • Conveniently sets up; with a few clicks on the sides you’re ready for your walk in the park in just a few seconds
  • The harnesses come with extra soft padding that increases comfort and becomes more fun for the dog
  • Reflective strips help you watch your dog roaming around at night
  • Works much better than choke collars especially if your dog’s a puller
  • A range of sizes that can be put on a range of dog breeds
  • Takes control of your dog’s pulling nature and let it know you’re the one in charge


Cons of Ruffwear Harness

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  • For smaller sized dogs, the buckle seemed relatively large and very closely located to the dog’s underarm
  • For dogs with smaller necks, the neck strap may seem loose




It is highly important to decide first whether you really need Ruffwear Harness or not. If you think your dog’s always relaxed and is a chilled animal, perhaps you don’t really need a harness. In contrast to this, when you go for a walk and it’s your dog who’s walking you and not the other way around like it’s supposed to be, Ruffwear Harness is what you need tog et.

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FAQs of Ruffwear Harness Review

  1. Which size should I buy?

Use the size chart on the company’s official website. Measure the said dimensions accurately and pick the size accordingly. If your measurements fall between two sizes, pick the larger one.

  1. Will dogs be able to run? We don’t want to “force” the dog to stay with us at all times.

The dog harness from Ruffwear Harness does not have anything to do with stopping the dog from running. The leash is attached to the harness in such a way that it stops the dog from pulling so often; the harness helps you gain control of the dog. 



If you’ve got an energetic dog that likes to run and pull when it’s on a leash, considering Ruffwear Harness is definitely not a bad idea. Not only do you get to gain control over your dog’s movements, but you can also train him eventually to always stay by your side when in the park. Conveniently sets up, comes with comfortable padding and a range of sizes available, what else are you looking for?

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