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Easy Walk Dog Harness: A Complete Guide

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Is your dog a puller, highly-excited all the time or reacts to the slightest distractions. If so, then it is only logical that you look into getting yourself an Easy Walk Dog Harness. This type of harness will assist you with countering the dog’s pulling without applying too much pressure on it.
At times you feel like your dog is in charge of the walk. If you need to address some behavior issues, then the easy walk dog harness is for you. This harness will remove the stress and pain of constantly pulling on the leash.
Although traditional collars are effective, you have to be careful not to cause injury to the dog’s neck. Pulling on the leash of your dog is certainly not a pleasant experience for both you and the dog.
This is why you should look at using an Easy Walk Dog Harnesses. They are great if you want to teach and train your dog how to go for a proper walk. Every time the dog starts to pull or tries to move away it will automatically feel a slight pull. This will constantly remind the dog that it needs to stay closer to the owner. Thus training and conditioning the dog to the expected behavior while walking.
This harness will enhance your walks to the park and the time spent training your pet will be more productive and effective.

What Is a Easy Walk Dog Harness?

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The Easy Walk Harness is designed to help train and keep control of your dog. Its benefits will certainly improve your walking experiences with your pooch. Easy Walk Dog Harnesses make sure that there’s not a pulling battle between you and your dog. The harness ensures you are in control. You attach your leash at the front for control.
The leash and the dog harness will ensure that the dog constantly walks by your side. In case your pet does start pulling (perhaps when he sees another pet) the leash will automatically move to the side of the harness. This forces the dog to come back to you while steering it to your side.
Now you can redirect your dog’s attention and maintain control. This allows the walker to gain control of their dog’s unpredictable movements but it also ensures the dog does not feel pressure around its neck.

Why Choose a Easy Walk Harness?

Ordinary dog collars put a lot of pressure on the dog’s throat and neck area. Obviously this is amplified if the dog strides ahead in excitement. Undoubtedly the pressure increases tremendously when you yank on the leash to get your dog under control. The pulling and pressure it exerts on the dog’s neck can be harmful and painful regardless of your dog’s size.
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Easy Walk Harness For Dogs - Source wagwalking.com
Dogs become conditioned to certain actions, especially when you spend time together. For example, when your dog sees another dog and runs towards it, you will instinctively pull on the leash.
Repeating these actions may train the dog to heel. However, it could also allow the dog to associate unpleasant experiences whenever it comes across other dogs because of the collar yank. This harness removes the experience of yanking on the dog’s collar. Therefore it provides a more peaceful and pleasant experience for both you and your pet.

Features - Easy Walk Harness

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Easy Walk Dog Harness: Pros

Easy Walk Dog Harness: Cons

The Leash

While it is very important to choose the correct harness it is also important to get the right leash to compliment it. They come in a range of sizes, materials, and thickness that all have different purposes. What you should look out for is a leash is comfortable. You should also consider a leash that allows for a firm grip.
It is recommended that your leash does not exceed a length of five feet. If you intend to train your pet make sure you have a leash that will allow for adequate movement and control.
You should also make sure to maintain your leash as you would your harness. Keep your leashes clean and free from loose materials and debris.


Easy Walk Dog Harnesses have been designed specifically to make your walks with your pooch more pleasant and predictable. Providing and easier and more comfortable experience to both pet and the owner.
The harnesses are available in a range of sizes and colors. Numerous options allow you to choose best harness for your pet. Some come with cushioned padding while others do not. The important thing is these harnesses make sure you want to walk your dog every day and not dread it.
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