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How To Correctly Attach Easy Walk Dog Harness

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Easy Walk Harness For Dogs - Source wagwalking.com
The way to attach Easy Walk Dog Harness is quite simple. If you have read the other Easy Walk harness articles in our blog, then you should be familiar with what an Easy Walk harness is and why it is necessary for certain types of pet behavior. In this article we will discuss how an Easy Walk Harness is attached.
The purchase of a dog harness is only the beginning. You must fully understand how to attach the harness. This will ensure it is effective and provides all of its useful benefits. It should fit perfectly over the front side of the dog’s chest. However, this is not always considered to be an easy task when putting the harness on your pooch.
Sometimes you may feel that the dog harnesses is attached perfectly, but your pet may think otherwise. Your pet could feel discomfort while standing, walking or even sleeping if their harness is fitted improperly.
If your Easy Walk Harness is loose fitting or too tight, it could be uncomfortable for the dog. This could potentially cause issues when you’re out walking. An improper fitting harness can also cause injuries over time. Continue reading to get the best Easy Walk Harness fitting tips.

It’s Important to Properly Fit an Easy Walk Harness

Before discussing how to correctly attach an Easy Walk Harness, it is essential to understand the importance of proper fitting.
When your dog’s harness fits properly and comfortably then it not only benefits the dog but you as well. Below are some key aspects of ensuring your dog’s harness fits properly.
    • When your dog tries to pull on the leash the harness will offer resistance. Your dog will automatically direct itself back towards you. A well-fitted Easy Walk harness will make sure that the pulling does not cause any kind of pain. Usually this occurs in the dog’s neck and throat area. Moreover, the dog will be trained unconsciously to always stay by your side when you go for a walk.
    • A properly fitted harness is something that helps you gain control of your dog’s movements. These harnesses help tremendously when it comes to training your dog. For example, in athletic events, dog shows or just being well-behaved pets.
    • Tripping is reduced when your dog is wearing a harness that fits correctly. It’s less likely to get tangled or caught on something when out running, walking or around the house.
    • One of the top advantages of the harness is to guard your pet’s neck and throat area. Some dogs like to constantly pull while walking. Generally, a properly fitted harness will ensure the pulling does not cause injury or discomfort to the animal.

How To Correctly Attach Easy Walk Dog Harness

how to attach an easy walk harness diagram
There are two primary fitting options to attach this type of harness — step-in and overhead:

Step-In Fit

This option and technique is similar to humans putting on a pair of pants.

  1. First lay the harness with its straps unbuckled on the ground. Ensure the spaces where the dog’s legs must go are wide open.
  3. Now help your dog put their front legs through those spaces. Make sure to assist your dog with maintaining its balance.
  5. Next pull the harness up gradually and strap it to the appropriate location. This means ensuring the “O” rings sit above and behind the dog’s shoulders.
  7. Make any adjustments at this time to ensure the straps are properly fitted. Ensure not too tight yet not too loose either.
  9. Attach a leash on the rings of the harness, and you will now have control of your dog.

Overhead Fit

  1. Make sure your dog is standing in an upright position.
  3. Hold their head softly and carefully as you put the harness straps around its neck.
  5. Next you should buckle the straps ensuring the “O” rings are above and behind the dog’s shoulders.
  7. Make sure the buckle does not bind or pinch the fur of the dog. The buckles should be tightened enough that they stay in one place. Although not too tight that it leads to discomfort for your pet. The buckles should not be too loose either. This will render the harness ineffective.
  9. Finally attach your leash to the leash connecting rings on the harness straps to gain control of your dog’s movements.

Attach Easy Walk Dog Harness – Fitting Tips

ADJUST – Adjust the straps once you have the harness fitted. An Easy Walk dog harness usually has two straps, one on the shoulder and one the rests on the chest.
SHOULDER STRAP – The shoulder strap should be placed over the dog’s head first. You can adjust it while the rings are both behind and above the dog’s shoulders. Adjust the harness by snapping the belly straps and attach it with the shoulder strap. The straps should be tightened in a way that you can insert 1-2 fingers between the dog’s body and the strap of the harness.
CHEST STRAP – The chest strap is the horizontal one; it shall not be so loose that it gets tangled with the dog’s legs. It should not be so tight that it reaches or rests on the dog’s neck. Ensure the sides of your harness look like a “T”. If so, you’ve done a great job and the harness is a perfect fit.
LEASH – The only step that remains is attaching the leash with the martingale loop. It is important to make sure that the chest strap is attached directly with the belly strap. You can also follow the image diagram at the top of this post.


You should have a good starting point when it comes to attaching the Easy Walk harness. However, this requires practice and patience to perfect it.
Your dog may not like wearing the harness at first. Some will do all they can to avoid it. It is important that you always fit and attach the harness when your dog is in a relaxed mood . This should make it easier in the beginning until your dog gets used to it.
Use these techniques and tips on how to attach Easy Walk Dog Harness. Certainly this will allow both you and your pet to master the fit and attachment in no time.