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PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness Review

PetSafe easy walk dog harness
Let’s talk about the PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness. Especially if your dog is a puller, easily excited or reacts to the slightest of distractions. Indeed it’s only logical that you’ve thought about getting something that helps you counter that. Certainly the solution you use has to stop the dog’s pulling without applying too much pressure on your precious pet. Indeed the answer is the PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness .
Petsafe is known as a global leader when it comes to dog harnesses or any other accessories for walking your pets. Additionally their products are known for their quality standard, which allows them to stand out among their peers in the industry.
The PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness is a great product to assist you with controlling your dog’s movements and reactions without you having to worry about hurting or irritating your dog’s neck and throat area. This article gives you a brief overview of the product, its pros, cons, genuine benefits and how it can impact your pet’s behavior.

Why Trust Petsafe?

Petsafe is a global leader in the pet industry and has been in the market for at least 25 years. Furthermore it is the largest American manufacturer of products designed for pet training and takes pride in having customers from as many as 52 countries across the globe.
Its parent company, Radio Systems Corporation, is also the parent company to a few more pet companies in the industry. Their products are convenient, easy-to-use and act as safe solutions to problems that pet owners usually encounter.

Pet R&D

All in all what makes Petsafe stand out from other companies in its industry is the constant investment of both time and financial resources on research and development. Coupled with the employees at Petsafe work hard to design and produce innovative solutions that allow the time you spend with your pet to be more pleasant.
Whether you are looking for products to make your pet more comfortable, or you need products to help with training your dog — Petsafe has everything pet owners need. For that reason the company wants to deliver the best services and products for its customers.
Important to realize that Petsafe prefers hiring people that have pets. This way the company is able to bridge the gap of communication between itself and its customers. Hence its employees have the same needs for their pets. Generally this results in ideas and products that cater to the exact needs of the customers.

About the PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

In short, ordinary dog collars put a lot of pressure on the dog’s throat and neck area as it strides forward in excitement. Surely this pressure increases tremendously when you pull on the leash and yank it to get your dog under control. Undeniably the pulling and pressure it exerts on the dog’s neck can be harmful and painful regardless of your dog’s breed and its size.
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source: PetSafe


In order that you get the sizing right, measure your dog’s chest and girth. In general the chest width would be one inch above the front legs and across the breastbone. The girth is measured around the rib cage just behind both front legs. If you find your measurements to be in between two sizes, always go for the larger one.


To begin with, the high-quality strap material is easily adjustable and it has up to four well-spaced points of adjustments. Basically this will allow you to fit the harness on your pet like a glove. Although it might take some time for you to attach the harness the first few times, you’ll eventually get it down. Subsequently you will realize it only takes just a moment or so to fit the harness and tighten it.
The dog harness has a front-clip that gives you extra control over your pet and makes sure you are in charge when you are out with your dog.


The product is highly recommended by professional dog trainers and vets because the design discourages pulling and erratic behavior. The Easy Walk Dog Harness wraps firmly and securely around the chest of your dog and allows you to control your dog’s movements.
The harness rests against the chest so the risk of the dog choking or having issues in the throat area are eliminated.
Therefore not only does the harness ensure minimum risk to the dog’s throat, but it also makes sure the patented loop around the chest fits comfortably. This helps your pet stay relaxed and also minimize the chances of the leash getting tangled in its feet.

Easy To Use

Moreover, Petsafe guarantees that their Easy Walk Dog Harness will be a perfect fit for any dog you may have –  from small cute puppies to larger breeds.
The ease of the Easy Walk Harness even allows children to walk the dog and have adequate control. The harness stops the dog when he tries to pull away well before it can gain some kind of momentum. However, it does this safely without threat of injury.

Features of the PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

Pros and Cons - PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

Easy Walk Dog Harness: Pros

Easy Walk Dog Harness: Cons

Suggestions and Tips

First of all, it is important to decide whether you really need a harness based on your preference and behavior of your pet. If your dog stays relaxed and does not get excited as some other dogs, perhaps you don’t need one.
However, if you feel that it’s your dog that’s taking you on a walk and not the other way around then perhaps Petsafe’s Easy Walk Dog Harness is something you need.
Although the harness can fit all breeds of dogs of all sizes, it is still critically important that you pick the right size for your pet.
Measure the dimensions accurately and match them with the size chart uploaded on the official website of the company. If your dog expresses any kind of discomfort when wearing the harness then you may need to adjust or return for a different size.

FAQs - PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

Which size should I buy: Use the size chart on the company’s official website. Measure the dimensions accurately and pick the size accordingly. If your measurements fall between two sizes — pick the larger one.
Will dogs be able to run? We don’t want to “force” the dog to stay with us at all times: The Easy Walk Dog Harness from Petsafe does not limit the animal in any kind of way. Without the leash the dog can move freely as if not wearing a harness at all.


The Easy Walk Dog Harness by Petsafe is one of the best harness products you can choose. Above all it has convenient adjustable sizes and is very comfortable for the dog. Check it out and see if it is a fit for you and your pooch?

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