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Joyride Dog Harness Review

joyride dog harness review
Welcome to the Joyride Dog Harness Review!
Dog harnesses are a great alternative to traditional dog collars. Traditional collars pose a risk of potential for injury or pain caused by its use. You can cause pain and injury to your dog when you attempt to counter their pulling or gain control. Dog owners use harnesses more now to avoid the risk of injury caused by a traditional collar.

In No time the No-Pull feature of the harness will train your dog not to pull...

The No-Pull feature of dog harnesses works great as a training or teaching aid for dogs that pull on the leash. Your dog will feel a slight pull whenever it tries to pull, jerk or run. The counter-force will be evenly distributed throughout the harness and over your dog’s body. That slight counter-force will cause your dog to come back to you and return to your side. In no time the No-Pull feature of the dog harness will train your dog not to pull or jerk.

About Joyride Harness: The Company

Joyride Harness is a known leader in the dog accessories sector. Joyride receives great ratings from their customers which testifies to the quality of their products. The company has raised nearly $250k to date for pet rescues and other pet charitable causes. Their commitment to the welfare of animals speaks for itself.
Joyride Harness prides itself in producing a product that focuses on making your walk with your pet much more pleasant and fun. Their flagship harness comes with an innovative design that will make your walks in the park simpler and will provide you with more control. You will return home energetic as opposed to being worn out by your dog.

Joyride Harness changed its name back in 2020 from Pug Life Harness...

Joyride Harness changed its name back in 2020 from Pug Life Harness. The company says that the name “Pug Life Harness” was great to begin their business with. However, as the company grew and matured it was important to them to switch names.
The previous name caused misconceptions to many potential customers, because some thought the harnesses may only be for pugs. This was certainly not the case. The Original Joyride Harness was created for all breeds of dogs and all sizes. It comes in sizes ranging from X-Small to XX-Large. The harness also comes in an array of color to appeal to the desires of any dog owner.

Why Do People Prefer Joyride Harnesses

Joyride Harness is really only known for their one main flagship dog harness – The Original Joyride Harness. The harness is very appealing to customers because of its unique design compared to competitors. It is also known to be made of the highest quality.
The owners of Joyride are pet owners themselves, so they understand the requirements and needs of their customers. This is evident in their unique design and functionality of their premier dog harness.

...reviewers spoke about the durability of the harness...

Many of the reviews we researched stated that owning this particular dog harness offered a peace of mind. The reviewers spoke about the durability of the harness. Several also mentioned how comfortable the harness seemed to be worn by their dog.
The range of sizes is sure to appeal to anyone that is in the market for a new or upgraded dog harness. The Joyride product is certain to fit petite dogs or larger bruisers. Several reviews we read spoke about sizing not being an issue when it comes to choosing a Joyride harness.

Joyride Dog Harness Review - About the Harness

joyride dog harness review
source: Joyride Harness
Without a doubt, you can put the harness on your dog quickly and easily due to its design. You simply slide the forward strap over the dog’s head. Next, you just connect the secure snap-on buckle and strap around the chest of your dog. That’s it, the harness is ready and functional. The pressure will be applied evenly and most will be through the chest area, not around the neck.
The wide-body of the harness ensures your dog is comfortable. A strap located on the top will provide you with the means to lift your pet or gain instant control of their movement. If needed, you can adjust the front and chest straps. Joyride created a simple yet innovative dog harness, which makes it such a breeze to use.

This harness comes with three leash attachment points...

One of the most innovative things about the Original Joyride Harness is the side-ring leash attachments. Many No-Pull designs have a leash point in the front and/or on the top of the back. This harness comes with three leash attachment points. Two on the side and one on the back. The side-rings attachments completely eliminate any interaction with the dog’s neck and throat area. This harness shines compared to competitors because of its ease and safety.

Joyride Dog Harness Review - Features

joyride dog harness feature image
source: Joyride





One only has to look at the reviews for the Original Joyride Harness to see that it is a quality and well respected dog harness. The company put a lot of effort into making the harness both comfortable for your pet and easier on you – the pet parent. Joyride harness delivered on both comfort and ease. As we have stated in this Joyride Dog Harness Review, this is a great product.
If you feel like you are the one being walked when out with your pet, then take a look at this harness. The Original Joyride Harness is a great option for your pet and you.
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