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RUFFWEAR Dog Harness Review

ruffwear dog harness review
Welcome to the RUFFWEAR Dog Harness Review.
Unquestionably, we all enjoy spending time with our pup. However, some owners really have unpleasant experiences when it comes to walking their dog. Furthermore, whether it is due to a lack of training or an over aggressive dog, some owners do more fighting with their dog than walking.
The lack of control or the constant pulling on the leash can be very exhausting. Undeniably this is the primary reason that many dog owners have migrated away from the traditional collar and opted for a dog harness. Whereas a dog harness returns the control to the owner.

No-Pull Feature

In addition some harnesses also act as a trainer to stop your dog from pulling. Specifically, a no-pull harness is the type of harness that stops pulling behavior. Basically the harness will apply resistance when the dog tries to pull away. Consequently the resistance felt by your dog will immediately cause it to come back towards you. Eventually the harness will train the dog to stay closer to you and eliminate the pulling and tugging all together.
In this review we are going to take a closer look at the harness maker, RUFFWEAR. We are going to look at what you can expect if you purchase a RUFFWEAR harness, its features, etc. Regardless if you are looking to purchase your first harness or just in the market for a replacement. In either case check out this RUFFWEAR Dog Harness Review and the harness options we have listed.


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RUFFWEAR, a well respected brand,  strives to improve the time spent between the owner and their pet. Patrick Kruse founded the company, and launched it from his garage. A true animal lover that believed his dog should share and take part in his adventures. The company has grown from humble beginnings to a global brand. You can read their story on their website found in this link – ruffwear.com.
RUFFWEAR produces all kinds of pet products from leashes, dog life jackets, toys, bowls, beds – you name it they make it. It is apparent by the number of products offered by RUFFWEAR that they invest a lot of time on Research and Development (R&D). The fruits of their labor is evident in the quantity and quality of their products.

Innovative Designs

RUFFWEAR produce their harnesses with both innovative and practical designs. They also provide a wide range of color options. Their harnesses fulfill many dog owner’s primary goal, which is to make the walks with your pet simpler, smoother and more enjoyable.
The elegant design of their harnesses make them easy to attach. You also don’t have to stress over the fit. Their harnesses are adjustable so that you can get the perfect fit for your dog. They cater to all breeds of dogs, so you can ensure that you will find the perfect RUFFWEAR harness for your furry friend.

Dog Owners Prefer RUFFWEAR

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source: RUFFWEAR
One of the first things you will notice when you take a look at the RUFFWEAR harnesses sold online is the superb ratings. All of their harnesses seem to rate between 4.5 to 5 stars, which is an astonishing feat. As previously mentioned, the company is owned by dog owners which is a supreme advantage. They know exactly what other dog owners want and need in a quality harness.
Based on reviews, people prefer RUFFWEAR harnesses because the company offers superior products with a variety of designs and functionality not usually found or offered by competitors. In addition to the unique designs of their harnesses, it is quite obvious that RUFFWEAR pays attention to the smallest of details. This is an advantage that really sets them apart.

Product Reviews

Many reviewers of their products have stated or mentioned the longevity of RUFFWEAR’s products. Reviewers attest to how the products remain in great shape after daily use. That fact alone seemed to give many reviewers a piece of mind when purchasing other RUFFWEAR products.
A large contingent of reviewers raved about the sizing options provided by RUFFWEAR. When it comes to sizes they got you and your dog covered. There are many top rated reviews about how the products come in a variety of sizes, and how the harnesses can be either tightened or loosened for the perfect custom fit.

Why Should You Choose RUFFWEAR?

Ruffwear harnesses
source: RUFFWEAR
The harnesses by RUFFWEAR all seem to be lightweight and durable. This combination works perfectly between owner and pet. You don’t have to worry about being in rugged terrain or everyday wear and tear. Your pet on the other hand, will enjoy the seamless fit from the lighter harness.
RUFFWEAR harnesses were designed with security in mind. Some of their options have an additional strap that goes around the torso area, which ensures the harness is very secure to your dog’s body. RUFFWEAR calls this feature “Anatomically Designed” for your pet.
It is possible it will take some time for your pet to get used to a harness when you first start using one. Many dog owners think that is due to the newness of wearing the harness. Though true, many times it is simply because the harness is uncomfortable or feels irritating to your dog.

Pet Comfort

RUFFWEAR addresses this by adding padding for comfort. Many of their options have foam padded straps to help alleviate the uncomfortableness experienced by your pet. The padding added does not restrict movement in any way.
We all would like our pets to just roam free, but many times we have to secure them by leash. RUFFWEAR harnesses provide one, two and even three attachment points on some models. The attachments in front assist with the no-pull training by applying pressure causing your dog to return to your side.
The V-rings centered on the back will apply pressure to the webbing around your dog’s chest. This too will cause your dog to stop and wait for you or return to your side. Some options also have a comfortable handle for those times when you need to lift your pup or gain absolute control over their movements.

Features - RUFFWEAR Dog Harness Review

ruffwear harnesses
source: RUFFWEAR

Features to Consider:

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Some of you may be wondering why we did not mention any of the cons of choosing a RUFFWEAR harness for your pet. To be honest, we wanted to include some negatives so that we could present a balanced review. However, when reviewing all of the verified reviews we could find, we just could not find any big negatives against the harnesses from RUFFWEAR.
No manufacturer is perfect, so do your own homework when researching dog harnesses. We are confident that in doing your homework that you will come to the same conclusion as we did – RUFFWEAR really makes some quality harnesses for your pet. Many pet owners agree that you can not go wrong with a RUFFWEAR harness.
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