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Pet GPS Trackers: A Complete Guide

pet gps tracker
No one wants to imagine what they would do if their pet abruptly disappeared or went missing? Undeniably it is quite stressful to ponder the thought of what if for some reason your pet can’t find their way back to you?
Around 10 million cats and dogs go missing in the United States every year, either lost or stolen. Consequently many strays are lost pets that never make it back home. Losing track of your beloved pet is just pure horror.
Those stats are alarming, especially when you consider just how much pleasure our fluffy pals bring into our lives. It’s our duty to keep them safe, happy, and healthy. For this purpose prevention is key to protecting your pets from getting lost. Fortunately, the recent emergence of the pet GPS tracker seems to offer pet parents an effective technological solution.
We have developed a comprehensive guide that includes everything you need to know about pet GPS trackers. Let’s get started:

What Is a GPS Tracker?

A pet GPS tracker is the ideal gadget to give you peace of mind when it comes to the whereabouts of your furry friend . Basically they keep tabs on your pet when they’re out and about, or have to be left alone.
Pet GPS trackers accurately monitor your pet’s location and also provide escape alerts. In addition to location and activity tracking, pet GPS trackers can help make sure your furry companion is both safe and healthy.

Types of Pet Trackers?

There are a few types of pet GPS trackers and they all work in unique ways. Which one is best for you depends on your preference, where you live, and your pet’s unique needs. Here are the most common types of pet GPS trackers:

How Does a GPS Tracker Work?

pet gps tracker
Pet GPS trackers will relay your pet’s location in real-time and help you find your pet should you get separated. How pet GPS trackers work depends on the type of pet tracker you have.

Cellular/GPS Pet Trackers

GPS trackers utilize a tag attached to your pet, usually on the collar. The GPS tag sends the signal to your smartphone. When the device is put into tracking mode, the location information from the GPS tag is displayed within an app on your smartphone.
You can see where your pet is even if they have traveled many miles from your home. Most pet GPS trackers will even allow you to see the history of where your pet has been or traveled while the tag was active.

Radio Frequency Pet Trackers

Radio-frequency pet trackers are far less complicated than cellular pet trackers. They rely on the traditional technology of radio frequencies. These pet trackers have a tracking tag for your dog and a separate handheld tracker/transceiver that acts as a radar and shows you the direction your pet has gone or is moving in.
The tracking tag and the handheld locator are all you need to track your pet. The locator/transceiver sends requests to the tag on the pet’s collar regarding the pet’s location. So, there’s no need for a separate smartphone app to receive the pet’s location coordinates.
The technology inside a radio-frequency tracker is a lot less power-hungry than a GPS tracker. The battery will last much longer and keep running for many weeks. Your radio tracker will work anywhere in the world and does not require a cellular signal! They work best in areas with poor to no cellular reception.

Bluetooth Pet Trackers

Bluetooth pet trackers connect to your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. These pet trackers work through an app that pinpoints your pet’s location. These short-range trackers are lightweight and are ideal for small pets.

Mixed Pet Trackers

Mixed pet trackers use two methods for tracking your pet’s location. They rely on a tracking module with a GPS chip that connects to your pet’s collar. The pet collar module connects to another module carried by pet owners and transmits the location info via radio waves.
The pet owner’s module then sends information from the pet’s module to an app on the smartphone. Many people prefer this GPS tracker since it connects to their smartphone but doesn’t require a separate SIM card or a line of cellular service to work.

Benefits Of Using a Pet GPS Tracker

Being a pet parent can be so delightful but it comes with its own set of problems and responsibilities. Our beloved furry companions are particularly fond of exploring the world and setting out on their own.
Don’t worry too much because we have just the solution for this terrifying problem. Pet GPS Trackers!

Here are some of the benefits of using a pet GPS tracker:

What To Look For In a Tracker

pet GPS tracker diagram
Technology has come a long way and pet GPS trackers can do more than you might think. There are a few things you should look for in a good pet GPS tracker.
  • Appropriate size: The pet GPS tracker should be the appropriate size and weight for your furry companion. A GPS tracker is useless if your pet can’t wear it, or it can’t be fitted to their collar.
  • Durable and water resistant: Pet GPS trackers should be durable and water-resistant. Making sure your new pet GPS tracker is resistant to water is crucial if exposed to rain or gets submerged.
  • Battery life: Pet GPS trackers are usually power-hungry and their battery life is relatively short. This is especially noticeable when the device is using the active tracking mode. Look for a pet GPS tracker that will last at least a couple of days between charges.
  • Smartphone integration: Most pet GPS trackers use apps, for Android or iOS devices, to give you a detailed view on the data they collect. Some trackers even provide a web-based interface.
  • Positional accuracy: One of the most important things to look for is positional accuracy and the frequency of positional updates. Accurate and frequent positional updates mean you will have a system that is effective when it comes to location tracking.
  • Cost: Pet GPS trackers using a cellular service to locate your pet usually require a monthly fee. Choose a pet GPS tracker that has affordable monthly fees, because over the years the cost can add up. Some pet trackers charge fees to use their corresponding app. Do your homework and work within your budget.
  • Sound option: The sound feature can come in useful in certain situations, such as if your pet is stuck somewhere out of sight.


With a pet GPS tracker, you can find peace of mind when it comes to your pet’s safety. It lets you keep tabs on your pet when you are with them or away from them.
A pet tracker is one of those things you wish you had beforehand if your pet unfortunately gets lost. Peace of mind that your furry friend is safe is the ultimate benefit of pet GPS trackers.
No more stress and worries with this gadget!