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Automatic Pet Doors: Ultimate Guide

automaic pet door
Technology plays many roles in our everyday lives. Undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of technology is the convenience it provides. For this reason, helpful technology related to our pets and their care is becoming more prevalent. One of those helpful pieces of technology is the automatic pet door.

We all have seen, and some of us have even owned one of the old manual style pet doors. By all means there is nothing wrong with the manual style doors, as many pet owners still utilize them to this day. However, they do have some cons against them like security or unintended animals using them and entering your home.

Why an Automatic Pet Door?

The newer automatic or smart pet doors provide solutions where the manual style doors fall short. The technology used in the newer electronic or magnetic style doors provides us with the peace of mind that our pets can exit and enter without issues. Simultaneously it also gives us comfort to know that only our pets can use the door.
The convenience of the doggy or pet door can not be understated. Any pet owner that has ever used a pet door knows the freedom it provides is priceless. This is especially true today where many of us lead such active lives, which requires us to be away from home much more than in the past.
So having a solution where your pet can service themselves, but at the same time using something safer and more effective – is a win-win. We look at everything you need to consider when it comes to choosing an automatic pet door for your home.

How Does an Automatic Pet Door Work?

The automatic pet door is very similar to the old manual style pet doors. It is nothing more than a small door installed within a regular-size door or wall in your home. The main difference is the technology used in the automatic pet door to control the opening and closing of it.
The methods and devices to open or close the automatic pet doors are called, you guessed it – keys! There are a few different types of keys that will control the opening and closing of the pet door.
Some of these keys work with specific types of automatic pet doors. The two main types of automatic pet doors are automatic raise doors and magnetic smart doors.

Automatic Raise Doors

Automatic pet doors that raise are triggered by the key worn around your pet’s collar. Sensors on the door will read the key, which will basically unlock it. These types of doors do not use a pushable flap. When the door is unlocked it will raise so that your pet can exit or enter through the opening. These types of doors are ideal for large dogs, older or shy pets.

Magnetic Smart Doors

Magnetic automatic pet doors typically have a rigid flap as the opening. Similar to the raised door, these types of doors are triggered by a key. When the sensor on the door senses the key, the door will unlock and allow your pet to push through the rigid flap similar to the old manual style door. These types of doors are best suited for smaller dogs or cats.
These types of doors typically use the RFID key worn around your pet’s collar. Some of the smart doors can even be configured to work with embedded or implanted pet microchips. These doors usually provide the most key options, like the ability to be controlled by an app on your smartphone and electronic timer options.

Considerations When Choosing an Automatic Pet Door

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Pros and Cons of Automatic Pet Doors

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There is no doubt that having an automated pet door will definitely make your life easier when it comes to looking after your pet. Undeniably the automatic door will decrease the stress on both the pet owner and the pet.
The added piece of mind knowing that strays and critters will not be able to enter your home via the pet door is an added bonus. This also applies to knowing that your house is secure when you are not at home.
There are numerous doors available today that provide several key options. Indeed some units provide all the key options we discussed in this article – in one unit. Do your homework before buying and you will not regret your decision to add this pet technology to your home. You and your pet will be happy you did!